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Primitive Gothic Dead Black Widow Doll!

She wasn't always known as The Haunted Black Widow.......she used to have a much nicer life. Those days are gone forever .... she stays to herself now, seen only once a year by a few locals in the graveyard or on the side of the road.
She goes by the name of Laudine, which is from an Arthurian Legend meaning Widow.

Laudine's sad tale begins on a lonely stretch of road, on the outskirts of the small town of Boiling Springs, South Carolina.

Laudine and her handsome husband Michael had an adorable cottage. They were newly-weds and life was just beginning for this popular couple. They had courted for a few years before their grand marriage. Everyone in town attended their wedding, wishing them well in life.

They had the usual plans for a good life. They wanted many children and a secure lifestyle. Both of their parents had been 'well to do' and a cute country English cottage was presented to them as a wedding gift.

The cottage was set near the top of a hill, along a winding road. They could look from their windows and see all across the valley and mountains, which was enveloped with thick blue fog.
The fog was like a thick blanket, secluding them from the rest of the world. When they were home, snuggling by their quaint fireplace, it was as though they were alone in the world.

They were rich in love. The happy couple would spend hours talking and giggling and making plans for their bright future. Everyone admired them for who they were and what they had in each other.
Everyone should be as happy as Laudine and Michael.

They had a wonderful year, during that first year of marriage. They had been married in the fall....Laudine's favorite time of the year. The landscape was replete with all the colors of Autumn and people were beginning to settle in for the winter months.
The smell of woodstoves wafted through the mountains and small breezes whipped the fallen leaves like an exotic dance of nature.

One day, when the fog was especially present, Laudine and Michael wanted to take a nice country drive and have a picnic in the mountains along-side a creek.

It was October 31st.........Halloween..... and they had plans to attend a party later that evening. They were filled with excitement and anticipation.
The windows were rolled down in the car and the chilly autumn breeze was filling the car. Pumpkins were in the fields and they could smell leaves burning in the air. The sweet crisp air was fragrant that day and it felt cool on Laudine's skin.
She took her scarf from her hair, letting her long hair hang it's full length. She had beautiful black hair that reached all the way to the small of her back. It was blowing wildly and Laudine and Michael began to laugh as she tried in vain to tame her wild wind-blown tresses.

Suddenly, Laudine's hair whipped across Michael's face, obstructing his view of the narrow curve in the road. There was barely enough time for Laudine's frightening screams before the car plunged over the side of the mountain.
The couple was thrown from the car moments before it burst into flames.
(don't even get me started on the benefits of wearing seatbelts)

After what seemed like hours, Laudine stirred. She lifted her head to look around but everything looked so black.
As her vision focused, she saw her husband Michael laying a few feet away from her. He was covered in blood and she knew in an instant that he didn't survive the crash.
Laudine was heartbroken.....devastated.....

Laudine was never the same after that day.
She was to never know love again.
The tremendous guilt that she felt had weighed upon her like stone. If only she hadn't taken her long hair down that day, Michael would not have run off of the road. He would still be with her.


Within a few hours of the accident Laudine tried to take her own life. She had obtained a Coffin shaped pendant filled with poison a the local 'root worker' by the name of moonbeamgarden.
She carefully removed the top from the beautiful pendant. As she drank the poison down she gazed upon a picture of her beloved Michael. She would soon be with her husband.
However, Laudine later awoke from what seemed like a long nap.
The poison hadn't worked.
Why was she still here?
Why did the poison have no affect on her? Was it her curse to spend the rest of her life alone and mourning her true love?

Laudine stayed away from everyone. She couldn't face a soul. She wore black clothing all the time and never spoke another word. Even at the funeral, she stood in the back, never been able to bring herself to approach the casket.
She left before the funeral service was over, so as to avoid everyone.


And when the funeral service was behind her, the only time anyone ever saw her was on Halloween night...the anniversary of the night of Michael's death. She could be seen standing on the very spot where their car went off of the road. And then she could be seen at the grave of her beloved.


Laudine always brings black flowers, tied with black satin ribbons, to that horrible place on the deadly road, and it is said that she cries a single's symbolic of the only year they had together as a married couple.


The few people who have seen Laudine on the anniversary of her husband's death, describe her in much the same way....she always wears black and speaks to no one. There's been talk as to why she stays secluded. But when she is seen, she's always wearing her black mourning clothes.
It is said that she still wears her poison pendant, as well.


This is why she's been called The Black Widow.....not because she kills, but because she is always wearing her black mourning clothes.
Of course, Laudine DOES think she killed her husband.
Her hair obstructed his view.
She has never forgiven herself for that.


They say she walks slowly and quietly, and she stands at least 35 inches tall, when decked out in her mourning clothes. (from her hat to the hem of her extended veil...maybe even longer)

It is said that she has a long black cotton dress with a beautiful black lace collar that goes all the way around her neck.
The sleeves are tied with black black satin. And there is some black lace that has been hand-stitched to the hem of her dress. There's a black satin ribbon belt that hangs down in the front.

Laudine also wears a beautiful black hat with a delicate black silk-illusion veil to cover her face. The veil surrounds her like an embrace. The back of her hat dons more of the black veil and it hangs well beneath the length of her dress.

And if anyone were to look under that veil, they'd see the pale, sad face of Laudine. She has a stained Muslin face and a nose that has been sculpted. (her face is slightly more stained than the pictures show) She also has two sad blue eyes that hide beneath her heavy eyelids. Her mouth, which never smiles anymore, is a delicate pale potpourri flower. Her hair is still jet black.


Last Halloween, Laudine went for her usual trek in order to place the black flowers on the spot of the accident that changed her life, and took the life of her husband. She wore her traditional mourning clothes, including a long sheer black spider-web veil under her black silk-illusion netting.
She noticed some teenagers there. It wasn't unusual to see people there........speculating, wondering.......keeping the story alive.

She stayed hidden, waiting for them to leave. After a while, she moved a little closer in order to listen in on their conversation. A young girl was pointing to the area of doom and relaying the story of dreadful accident. She held her audience captive with the tale of woe.


The young girl continued on with the story, and as Laudine heard the words, she was frozen in place........she was unable to grasp the words.....she couldn't believe what she was hearing.....
"And their car went right down there. They were thrown from the car before it blew up. It's so sad.....they were still newly-weds.
Anyway, within hours of the accident she went home and took her own life by swallowing some poison.
But as sad as it is, it's best that they died the same day, for neither one would have wanted to live without the other.
And you know, although it's been over 50 years ago since this happened, I hear that she still haunts this place, and you can only see her on Halloween night, completely dressed in black.........the haunting of The Black Widow....leaving flowers for her true love."

Poor Laudine.......what an awful way to find out.

(shhhhhhhh........I make dead dolls....and some of them don't know they're dead!)

Copyright August 21, 2003 and July 28, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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