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Introducing: Black Doll
This plain, faceless doll stands about 12 inches tall. She's made of muslin and painted black, sanded down, and stained to look 'aged'.

And, this patriotic mammy has nubby hair.

And just look at her very patriotic heart. Wouldn't she look great with your patriotic collection of dolls?

When I was about 14 years old my sister Christy did something so funny.
This was around the summer of 1970.

She was about 2 years old. We lived in the small town of Perryville, Maryland. And back in those days you didn't have to be afraid to let your child out in the back yard to play alone.

Well, on a hot summer day Christy went outside to play alone on the patio. The neighbor's dog Bowser came over to play.
Christy LOVED Bowser. We ALL did.
He was a friendly dog and all of us in the neighborhood used to feed him and include him with our family cookouts.

A short time after Christy had been outside, I remember taking a peek outside to check on her. I was horrified to see her sitting at the end of the driveway covered in blood.
Seriously...blood was dripping down from her mouth to her belly button. And Bowser was right there with her.
Naturally I assumed that Bowser bit Christy, probably because Christy did something to hurt him. But the dog was still with her and he seemed happy to be with her.

I rushed into my mom's beauty shop, which was in the front of our house, and I was upset...."Come quick! Christy's in the driveway with blood all over her and Bowser's with her. Something horrible has happened!"

We all rushed outside to Christy, who merely looked up at us in confusion. She was as calm as can be.
And that's when it became painfully obvious to us what was going on.

Christy had been sitting there with Bowser and we guess that she discovered big green things all over his body. We could assume that Christy thought Bowser had green grapes all over, she picked off the 'grapes' and ate them......


Christy had been eating big ticks that were full of blood.
Silly Christy.

Copyright May 24, 2007 Catt Alexander


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