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Taken from my journal  -- September 1982......(up-date pictures are below)

"Ron....I am so grateful to have met you and loved you. I lost you, but that's all I lost... my love for you is still with me. You died loving me, and that has to be enough for me. 

Out of everything bad comes something good. I am glad to have known someone as good as you, and what you've taught me. 

Thank you, Ron, for doing what you did for me.....

For including me in the last six weeks of your life. For loving me so tenderly. For making love to me the way you did. For restoring my faith in love, trust, and happiness. For that beautiful trip to New York City. For being truly interested in me. For your wonderful back massages. For being so handsome. For letting me impress you. For all the memories you left me with. For never hurting me my feelings. For loving me.

Good-bye, Ron.... thank you for letting me love you."

I will always love you.....


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To Ron Price
By: Cathy Alexander Palmer September 1, 1982
The Death Solicitor'
We began the loving,
As the summer came to end, 
To settle with the flowers, 
With the time we had to spend. 
The crispness of the autumn 
Womb the springtime seeds, 
And nothing here protected you 
From falling with the leaves.
We barely knew the splendor 
Of our winter held in store, 
'Cause first,  you met the salesman, 
The 'Death Solicitor'.
He sold you on the pleasures 
Of the drinks, instead of me. 
He sold you on the winding road, 
And then you 'bought' the tree. 
Your life was just the credit 
For the debt you had to pay.
He repossessed the only thing 
You never gave away.
But I'll remember in the spring, 
When all the buds are born, 
The salesman over-looked the love, 
That I kept safe and warm. 
I'll always love you, Ron.

August and September 1982 and January 22, 2001 Copyright Catt Alexander



And then the three of us continued to grow up....


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The black and white picture is of Johnny in 1991 and the second one is of me and Johnny in 1999.



robins_wedding_day_-_1995.jpg (13964 bytes) robin_and_her_family.jpg (15176 bytes)


This picture is of Robin and Bill on their wedding day. ( I swear, Robin and I have dated and married more guys named Bill.....) And this second picture is of Robin and Bill and the children Cory (seated) and Patrick.



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The black and white picture is from about 1997 and the color picture is from May 2000.


And the three of us are still the best of friends to this day!


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August and September 1982 and January 22, 2001 Copyright Cathy Palmer - Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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