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It sure did get better. I don't ever remember feeling quite this way about a guy before...not like this. He was so attentive to agreeable...easy going....generous. And in the coming weeks we went to clubs and on long drives through the country, just to talk. Ron was such a 'romantic'....he loved sweeping me up in his arms and just carrying me to the pick-up truck, or to the front door of my parent's house. He often surprised me by doing that...kissing me the entire time I was in his arms. Ron was wonderful in EVERY area of our relationship. 

On August 13th, 1982, Friday night, Robin agreed to come pick me up and take me to the Lighthouse Inn to meet Ron. See, back then I did not drive and I had arranged to go spend the weekend with Robin, but she worked the night shift and had to work that night. She wouldn't be able to go to the club with me, but she said she'd come give me a ride there. I was going to be with Ron all evening and spend the night with know. So, before she went to work, she and Johnny came to Rising Sun to get me for the weekend. 

I was so excited and couldn't wait to see Ron later that night. I was falling soooo in love with him. I made a special outfit to wear and was just dying to show it off to him. 

Well, the three of us piled into the front of Robin's big ol' green Monte Carlo and off we went. We didn't get too very far up the road....I just remember lighting a cigarette (I was a smoker back then, too) and *BANG* head hit the passenger side window and then I went forward and all I know was...I'm hurting. 

I didn't realize what had happened...I thought I fell! Then I remembered being in a car...and we had an accident. I remember reaching up and feeling where I hurt and I just knew I'd be placing my hand into my head....but I didn't. I was already getting a huge knot on my head...and then I was stunned to see long strands of my hair hanging right down in front of me from around the windshield. Oh, I have a bald spot on the side of my head. At least my hair was long then, too, and it covered it pretty well.

Robin was upset, to say the least. have to know Robin to know what I mean...if she is upset, you've had it....and someone done 'messed up her beautiful car'....and they were in trouble. She checked to see if Johnny and I were alright, then she stormed out of the car to scream and cry at the guy who hit us broadside. I don't think I can repeat any of what she said....not on here.

The next thing I knew, people were surrounding us and helping us out onto the side of the road and the embankment. The police and an ambulance arrived and my head had been hurting so bad. They strapped me on a back-board and neck brace and all kinds of things of that nature, and off to the hospital we all went. 

And I can tell you, we made the best of it. We were basically fine, but getting checked out and having to go through all of that red tape. All I could think of was Ron. I'd be less than honest if I told you I was fretting more over the loss of my friend's car. But, remember, I was in love...and all I could think of was how worried Ron would be if I didn't show up. 

When we knew we would be alright, I got to a pay phone in the hospital and called home to let my parents know what happened. My sister Christy (the princess) got on the phone and said Ron had been calling...worried. I told her to tell him, if he called again,  what had happened and that I would still be spending the night with Robin...and for him to meet me there. I knew my dad was drunk at home and I didn't want him to come get me way I was getting in the car with a drunk driver, and especially not after this night.

The doctor finally came in to check us over....the three of us were placed in the same room...and we were having a ball laughing about how Robin cussed that man out. The doctor checked me first and the first thing he wanted to do was check my knee reflexes. Well, he grabbed my leg before I could explain to him that it would not be necessary. Boy, where is a camera when you need one? You just can't imagine the look on the doctor's face when he discovered, the hard way, that my leg was not real...(remember, I'm a double amputee) then he reaches out for the other, sorry, that one isn't real either. Bet he had some good 'dinner conversation' with someone that night.

Then, what really had us nearly dying laughing was when he approached Robin...and just before going for her knees, he asked her if HER legs were real. We got such a great laugh from that. And here was Johnny, already trying to heal from his last accident. What a mess we were. We were given pain pills and released as being 'two contusions and a head trauma'.

We got Robin's sister to take us to the Lighthouse Inn so I could see if Ron had arrived.... I was already so late. I didn't know if he had called home again or not. He was not there. Finally, we went to Robin's apartment and she called in to work and told them she wouldn't be there. I was looking out of their living room window and saw Robin's cousin's van pulling up. Great! Maybe Ron knows where my Ron is. We had passed the van just up the a nearby bar and had thought about walking over and seeing if Ron knew where my Ron was.

Lo and behold, my Ron got out of the driver's side. He and Ron were out, had been looking for us, and my Ron borrowed the van to come try to find us. He found me! My knight in a huge van found me!! And he was limping. He had injured his knee earlier.

But when we saw each other we just fell into each other's arms and into a long, wonderful 'I missed you' kiss. We were safe now. And we took note that it seemed as though when Ron and I were together everything went wonderful...and when we were apart we ended up with all kinds of 'bad stuff' happening. We were safe in each other's arms. 

We stayed at Robin's for hours...talking and snuggling on the couch talking to Robin and Johnny's other sister Darlene. Ron fell asleep and I didn't realize it, until he woke up and he was  kissing my arm where his head had been resting.....he was biting little kisses up and down my arm.

He offered to take me home, since he had to go to work later that day. Then, as soon as we reached the door to her apartment, he swept me up in his arms, injured knee and all, and carried me down all of those steps....bless his heart. He continued carrying me to his friend's van and placed me in the seat....and then he took me home, where he spent the next several hours messaging my aching muscles and bones and kissing my little bald spot from where my hair had been ripped out in the wreck. We were in pitiful shape, the both of us...and so happy to be together. Nothing ever went wrong when we were together...only when we were apart...and now we were just kissing our boo-boos. (I know, I know.......sickening, isn't it?)

He finally went home after while. We saw each other several times during the week. On Tuesday he called my mom's beauty shop and made an appointment for me to trim his hair for him. I was so surprised to learn that my next customer was him. He kept it a secret from me until he walked in the door. I worked part time in my mom's shop for some extra money. I trimmed his hair, and even his moustache ....giggling the entire time...(couldn't do anything with me....I was in love)


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August and September 1982 and January 22, 2001 Copyright Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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