The Catt Box

The Beth Doll Killer!

One day, while looking through my Spiegel catalog, I fell in love with a beautiful doll. It was one of the Little Women series of dolls..........Beth. I had to have her.

I was so excited, the day she arrived. She was even better than I had expected. She was a tall doll, with a long gauzy dress and a feminine hat. Her legs were of painted cloth, but her hands and face were Porcelain.

I took 'Beth' from her box and laid her on the island in the kitchen. I couldn't wait to show Les when he got home. I gave the box to 'the boys' to play in, and they were having a great time. I came back into the computer room to do some work.

About an hour later, I came back into the kitchen and Simon was up on the butcher block island with the doll. He had been licking that doll all over the place......her bonnet was soaking wet, her face was soaking wet........her arms and even her white gauzy dress......wet, wet, wet........and not just wet, soaking wet.
He was in a lick-fest all over that doll.....he had her dress up and she had bite marks on her legs, and also lick marks where she was wet.
So, he wasn't just licking something off, he was leaving pools of wetness behind.....drooling on her.........

I couldn't believe it. Simon acted as though I weren't even there, like he was in a trance or something.......worse than when he's on cat pot......and I went to move him and he was all stiff, you know how they get when they don't want to be pulled off of anything.........he was ravenous for that doll......I was in disbelief.
I'd expect something like this out of Cecil, but not Simon.......

I had to bring the doll into the computer room so I could keep an eye on it because when I was moving the doll away from him, he began to be aggressive. I'd never seen him like this before. He wasn't aggressive towards me......just aggressive in wanting that doll. He had a death-grip on that doll and did not want to let go.

I hid the doll from Simon and all was well. When Les got home, I presented the doll in Simon's view and he started it all up again.......standing up on his hind legs so as to get up under that doll's put that dress in his mouth and shake his head.
He didn't destroy the doll, but he had left tooth puncture marks here and there. He went for any part of that doll he could get in his mouth.......jumping up on anything in order to get to her. I've never seen him like this before or since.

My Beth doll is now safely displayed in my bedroom, behind a closed door, and well away from Simon's drooling mouth.



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