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Americana Dolls Primitive Best Friends Set



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I'm very excited about this set of dolls. I even made myself a set to keep. And they were such fun to make.

I was inspired by a rubber stamp I purchased a few months ago. It showed a black Americana doll and a white doll leaning on each other. They looked like best friends. I immediately had the idea of reproducing them in doll form....doing my own tweaks and all that.
And here they are!

They would look great on a little bench or a shelf together. I have them posed just like they are on the rubber stamp.

They are both made of muslin, stuffed firmly, sanded, 'aged' and waxed. I love the way they look after being waxed. It gives them the look of old, worn leather.

The Black Americana doll is dressed in her best Patriotic clothing, complete with pantaloons and stained apron. She has a red wooden 'distressed' button on her chest.

Her hair is made from heavy doily yarn, she has vintage buttons for eyes, and her other facial features have been painted and stitched on. She's about 20½ inches tall.

Her best friend is wearing a blue and white striped dress and I have hand stitched tons of red vintage appliqué stars all over the dress. She also wears pantaloons and an apron. She also wears a wooden 'distressed' button that has been painted blue.

Her hair is red thread, her eyes are vintage buttons, and her features have been stitched and painted on. She's about 21½ inches tall. I only made two sets of these dolls (the third set is mine) and the lighter skinned doll in the other set has black hair.

Both dolls have 'aged' ticking fabric legs.

Nothing says 'primitive' like this pair of best friend dolls. They would look so cute on a bench together.

Copyright © September 7, 2010 Catt Alexander

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