The Catt Box

The Dreaded Basement Pipes!


In our kitchen we have a door to our basement. The basement is our cat's 'dumping grounds' and they can get down there through their pet door.
Whenever Simon is scared, he bolts through the pet door like a cartoon. Simon is scared of nearly everything, Cecil is afraid of nothing.

Not long ago, I was in the kitchen preparing to wash some dishes. I turned the hot water knob and the pipes made a real loud 'rubbing' sort of noise. This is something that has started happening recently.

Simon heard it.
His ears were pinned back and he had a wild look in his eyes. He shot through that pet door like he was running for his life. I was laughing at him so hard.
But then, within moments, he sounded like a train coming right back up those basement steps and diving through the pet door.
The look on his face told the tale.......although he had sought refuge in the basement to escape the loud sound.....

The sound was coming from within the basement!

At this point I was hysterical.


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