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'Barns And Tunnels'



On the morning of February 8, 1998, I dreamt that I was at a very strange house that belonged to my parents....and it was even more strange than the house they have now. 

Outside, on their property, leading to the barns and other buildings, were 31 red phone booths, just like the ones in England....and they were all lined up together like a long, endless tunnel. I had no idea where they led to, but I wanted to venture into them. 

At that time, my mother, step-father, and me were in this little red Model-T car, and my mother insisted on driving us, right through the tunnels. I was scared that the car wouldn't make it, but it did. You'd have thought I'd been more scared of the fact that my mother is paralyzed on the left side of her body, and in the dream, that fact didn't seem to bother anyone. We were just letting her drive anyway.....apparently, she did this sort of thing all the time.

I remember that it took such a long time to drive through all those tunnels. But, just before we reached the end of the tunnel, I saw a small window ...and I just knew that the car wouldn't make it through that window, but my mother showed no signs of slowing down, so I got out of the car and I have no idea what happened to them while I was doing that..

But, in order to get out of the window, I had to bust down a paper covering....a paper door, in a way. Then, the car just disappeared completely and the three of us were about to enter this huge barn that was full of big bulls and wild horses. And other people were also touring this barn, as if this were if they even had barns and animals like this. 

Cowboys appeared from just around the corner....rough and tumble sort of men, and they had been hired to keep the animals back while the people passed by. There was a lot of shouting by the cowboys and a lot of snorting by the big animals. It was frightening and everything was going so fast. But we all made it past all of them unscathed. 

The next thing I know, I was lying on the bathroom floor of a public restroom, naked, with pickle-juice all over my belly, and Demi Moore was wiping it up off of me with a feather pillow. In real life, I don't like Demi Moore or pickles. 

Suddenly, I was walking past the huge animal barn again and I saw my sister walking with her two teenage children. She stopped when she saw me and wanted to read aloud one of her stories to me again. And believe me, her stories are not interesting. I wasn't in the mood to hear her, so I was rude to her by saying some sort of remark...and then I walked away.

I thought I was away from her, but then my sister and her kids ran up to me and were trying to catch up. They were whining and complaining about themselves. In real life they are chronic complainers and whiners, so this was about right. 

Anyway, my nephew had something wrong with his 'privates',.... whatever....I have no idea what was wrong, but I just know that it was 'down there'......and my niece was crying because she had big blisters and tumors all over her head, and her brother had been poking them with sticks and smacking at them. She was upset because the 'tumor goo' was all over her hair and making it sticky.  

And then my sister started complaining about a big sore under her belly and that all of her cats and dogs and the bird kept getting into her wound and hiding....which upset her because that meant that she had to take them everywhere she went. 

Then I was at a friend's house......we were in a huge room and my mother was there with us. Next thing I know, my ex-husband showed up, wanting to take pictures of us, but he had to leave to go get film. While he was gone, my parent's evil ex-housekeeper came into the room and told me, "Screw you!" Then she made two black women feed me old room temperature cottage cheese. They were wearing red and white aprons. 

Cool dream, huh? I dream this sort of stuff all the time.


February 8, 1998 Copyright Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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