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'Bambie's Legs'

Message to devotees (17253 bytes)I'm often asked why I named my daughter bambi..part_of_the_family.jpg (25410 bytes) Bambie.  I  named her after the pet deer my grandparents had before I was born. It's name was Bambi, of course, like from the movie. When it was time for me to decide on a girl's name, when I was pregnant, I immediately thought of Bambie Sue. I didn't look any further than that.


me_pregnant_with_bambie.jpg (31459 bytes)This is one of the few pictures of have of being pregnant with Bambie...and they were all taken on the same day. Back then I hadn't been hit by the 'picture taking' bug, yet.  I really enjoyed being pregnant. With Bambie I didn't have morning sickness, and even though she weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz.., when I left the hospital, I was able to zip and snap my blue jeans!  I knew that this would never happen I quit while I was ahead and chose not to have any more children.

     me_and_bambie_in_hospital.jpg (18608 bytes)  

I gave birth to Bambie, by c-section, on June 29, 1981, at Johns Hopkins Hospital. They used to keep you in the hospital for seven days, back then, when you had to have a baby by c-section. Anyway, they let her stay with me in my room the entire time.   


bambies_legs_before_surgery.jpg (19922 bytes) I took several pictures of Bambie's legs before any surgeries could take place. I knew they would want to operate soon. And they looked just like my legs when I was born. Now I was able to see this entire situation from a different was like being on the outside looking in.

     bambie_after_first_surgery.jpg (25606 bytes)  

When Bambie was seven weeks old the doctors began doing surgery on one of her legs. At this point she was at the Children's Hospital. I was able to spend a few nights with her and sleep in her room beside her bed. She slept through the night better with me there.

      bambies_hand.jpg (32702 bytes)This is a close up of Bambie's right hand. The doctors had talked to me about doing some cosmetic surgery on her hand. It wouldn't help her to use it any better, but they explained that they could make it LOOK a little putting her amputated toes on her hand.   No thanks!! I didn't want her to have to go through a lot of surgery for nothing. I don't care what they said, toes on a hand does not look BETTER.  She would have been right handed, but she adjusted well to converting to being a 'lefty'.  

   bambies_first_legs.jpg (23127 bytes)After all of the surgeries were over, for the time bambies_legs...not_so_bad.jpg (25322 bytes) being,  Bambie was finally ready for her first pair of artificial legs. She was upset, at first, but when she understood that it wasn't going to hurt, she was fine with the whole idea. It made sense to her that she would be able to stand up like everyone else...and walk for the first time in her life.

me_and_bambies_first.jpg (22611 bytes)Bambie and I had our first formal 'mother/daughter' picture taken at a studio. She really enjoyed having her picture taken. But, in this particular picture she looked like, well...a deer caught in the head-lights! pun intended.


me_and_bambies_second.jpg (21312 bytes)Bambie and I had our second formal 'mother / daughter' picture taken in 1992. She wanted a special dress to wear, so I made a nice black one for her. 


me_mike_and_bambie.jpg (20080 bytes)My ex-husband and I took Bambie to the Renaissance Festival in North Carolina. We had a great time. 


~Notice ~

Because of all the 'fake' letters I receive from people who 'pretend' to need advice and discuss a supposed birth defect, I am no longer answering questions or letters from anyone. 

You can thank the game-playing devotees for this.

Another thing I got tired of was spending my time writing back to people who 'ask' for help or advice and then I never hear from them again, not even so much as a thank you for the time I spent answering them. I am a very busy person and don't have time for the games or ungratefulness.


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