The Catt Box


'Awards 12'

My heartfelt thanks to each and every person who thought I was worthy of an award. I deeply appreciate your generosity.



On April 2, 2000  my website was chosen

"Cool Members Site Of The Week"

And I had 577 visitors on just that first day!

This was with the cable network that I am with.....

Cable modem is the way to go.




Rated 3.0


Thank you 


May 28, 2000



Rated 2.5

Thank you very much for this surprise, 


June 5, 2000




What a delightful surprise to wake up to!

Thank you so much, girls.....

Ruth Ann And Shari

June 27, 2000




How very sweet of Shari to do this....

Thank you so much! 

June 30, 2000




This was totally unexpected, and I am thrilled!

Thank you so very much 


July 10, 2000




Rated 3.0

This award made my day!

Thank you ever so much, 


July 14, 2000




From "Honeybunch" and "Hobo"

Thank you for this wonderful surprise!

July 15, 2000




On July 14, 2000  my website was chosen

" Members Site Of The Week"...again!

I am so thrilled with this...what an honor.

On July 16, 2000 I received 776 visitors in that one day!


Because of this "red-letter day" of my site trackers had my site listedin their list of top ten fastest climbing sites.....Nedstat.



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