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arkan-hell.jpg (24491 bytes)This is the only picture that we took while in the state of Arkansas...the only one worth taking. And hey...if you're from Arkansas  and you are reading this, before you write to me and cuss me out for saying something about the 'hell portion' of the United States, why don't you first try pulling a 21 foot camper across your own interstate roads and THEN tell me how you feel....

The only good road we saw and experienced while in this state...from end to end...was right here on this bridge. As soon as the bridge ended, so did the half-decent road. The rest of the entire trip across this horrible state was spent being 'beat to death' by the bumpy roads they insist on having. What a nightmare. 

Of all the driving we did in eleven days, this day was the single most exhausting. We were worn out. Then, to add insult to injury, the road construction (ironic, isn't it?) was everywhere, yet nothing ever improved. And it was in this state that we started to experience the bad head winds. There were traffic jams galore. No other traffic jam we encountered on this trip could hold a candle to this place. Awful! 

You know, in the Carolinas they do the road construction at night....that way it's cooler, there is less traffic, and they don't hold up everyone on rush hour, everything runs a little smoother. But not these folks, they jam everyone up on a Friday's out, people are trying to get home, and it's stand-still traffic. 

It was also in this state that we stopped for coffee at a place that SELLS coffee, and the gum-cracking teen-ager merely blinked and said that they didn't have any coffee right now. Not even attempting to make any. So, we had to go somewhere else to buy coffee. 

At this point we God was our witness...with a fist held high...that we would NOT come back home this way. We also decided that we would NOT spend the night in this state, no matter how long it took us to get out of it. We were going to drive and drive and drive, until we were in the capable hands of another state. We did not eat here or buy any post cards here....nothing.

And never in my life had I seen so many 1960's style single wide trailers. What is up with that? Arkan-trash....Arkan-hogs.....(they are the Razor-backs, you know) was like being in the Twilight Zone! What a dreadful place this was. There were absolutely no redeeming qualities of this place. I had a headache when we finally reached Oklahoma, and I do not get headaches. 

I am here to tell any and everyone I know that if you are ever planning a trip across the all means...AVOID THIS STATE AT ALL other state can compare to this one.

OKAY......on to Oklahoma....what a beautiful state this was. We really enjoyed the ride though here. The very minute that we hit Oklahoma the roads changed...and we both went, "Ahhhhhhh...." We spent the night in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

And it's really strange, it rained and thundered, stormed bad all night long, and when we got up, the ground was dry. Go figure! Our destination that day was to reach New Mexico. 

Another fun thing we did while on this adventure was to take some video movies with us, just in case a campground didn't have cable TV.  If it did have cable TV then we could keep up with the Olympics...which we were able to do a few nights. But for the most part, we watched movies while we relaxed for the evening. We kept in theme with our vacation...taking movies along that coincided with the states we were visiting. 

I took a journal with me...a trip journal. I wanted to record our experience in a different place than my daily journal (I know, I know....) And I made notes of things that we saw along the way...and one of the things we noticed was that there are a lot of careless smokers out there. Starting with Oklahoma, we realized how dry everything parched the area was, everywhere we looked. 

We also saw a lot of areas along the roads that were burnt, due to cigarettes thrown from the car. What's the deal with that? Are there not any ashtrays in their cars? I remember going past this one car and a young girl just tossed her cigarette out of the window and it rolled under the car and the wind blew it right to the side of the road, where all the dry grass was. How careless. 

We saw homes that were built close to the roads and some had burn patches in front of them. Imagine losing your house over a careless smoker. We began to see road signs warning of the chance of fires. I don't understand why these people can't think about how dangerous it is. We also noticed that there was not a lot of garbage along the sides of the roads. 

We noticed how windy and cold it was getting...and we rode past Oklahoma City. I remember how somber we were, recalling the Oklahoma City bombing

Les changed his clothes at lunchtime.....had to get into some warmer clothing. We both got our light jackets out. We stopped at the Cherokee Trading Post for some gifts and post cards. We had a great time shopping and poking around in the huge store. 

bigcow.jpg (15988 bytes) big_texan_steak_ranch.jpg (17176 bytes)

We arrived in Amarillo, Texas and were more than ready for a great steak. We decided to go to the most advertised place on the interstate...The Big Texan Steak Ranch. Oh, my....what a wonderful place this was. They had musicians and an atmosphere that made you feel as though you stepped back in time. We loved this place. They have a 72 oz. steak and if you can eat it within one hour, you can have it free. No....we didn't even consider it. We heard that the youngest person to eat it was an 11 year old and the oldest person to eat it was a 69 year old, 95 pound woman. Imagine that! They have a website and you can order steaks, which is what I plan to do.

catt_ranch.jpg (22228 bytes) les_ranch.jpg (12593 bytes) 

After dinner we were on our way to the Cadillac Ranch. The sun was setting pretty quickly, but nothing was going to stop us from seeing those Cadillacs. 

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