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Primitive Angel Of Dogs Doll!




The wind blows gently, and you hear the faint tinkling sound of wind chimes. The birds become quiet for a few moments. They are showing their respect.
Another dog has been 'taken away' by the sweet Angel of Dogs.


Her name is Greta. She's the angel that is responsible for gathering the puppies and dogs that are ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
Greta has the job of taking the puppies and dogs to that special place until they can reach their final destination.

Greta loves dogs and no other angel could do a better job. When a dog or puppy doesn't make it, it hears the faint tinkling sound of the wind's Greta's 'gathering' song.



Of course, it always depends upon the dog and it's life, as to the kind of song it hears. The puppies that are too young to have lived very long hear only the chimes. But other dogs hear 'other' songs.....and they are usually played on Greta's small real brass horn.

Dogs that come from the homes of older Hippies usually hear music from the group Three Dog Night because that's what they've grown to from the 1970's. Some of the dogs hear the song Running With The Pack, by Bad Company.......others hear Black Dog, by Led Zeppelin.....dogs from the Harlem area usually hear songs from Snoop Doggy Dog, and dogs that live with those people with drinking problems usually hear Nazareth's Hair Of The Dog.
Of course, Greta really likes meeting the dogs that love rock music best of Aerosmith's Walking The Dog, or Elvis' Hound Dog.

The dogs that go to that special place are not going to the Rainbow least not yet. Instead, they go to a tree beside the Rainbow Bridge.
It would be a disaster to bring them to the Rainbow Bridge because the kitties and birds that didn't make it are taken there and the dogs would think they were in heaven, if you know what I mean.
You can only imagine the confusion.

So, instead, the dogs and puppies are taken to a tree.....a very large, very beautiful Willow tree. It's branches hang like long, welcoming fingers........gently waving the dogs to her bosom. There are many bushes under the tree, and even a few fire hydrants, for those that need them.


If you were anywhere near that magical place, you'd see Greta as she arrives with a new member. She is about 28 inches tall, not including her halo of golden leaves. She has a halo of leaves because of how it attracts the dogs that are about to go on their little journey with her. As soon as they hear the music they love, they see the leaves.....leaves reminds them of trees and bushes, and you can pretty much guess the rest.

Greta wears a long vintage baby gown dress. Underneath, she wears a pair of pantaloons, made of muslin.


For a collar she wears a cut-work cotton doily that has been heavily stained, as well as a length of ribbon that drapes over her shoulders. In the center of her doily collar sits a little dog bone button. She also wears a strand of her 'pearls' that dangle down in front of her dress.


Greta also has a white dove that sits on her shoulder. It tells the unfortunate dogs and puppies that all is well and peaceful and to not be afraid.
The dove, when it has done it's job with the dogs and puppies, will then go on to comfort all the children that prayed hard for their little loved ones.

Sometimes Greta listens in as the children try to pronounce their dog's breed in the prayers they say on behalf of their always brings a smile to Greta's face...she often hears cute things like......

Doberman Pincherman... (Doberman Pincher)
Lavender Treater... (Labrador Retriever)

Pet Bull... (Pit Bull)
Pickameese... (Pekingese)
Rockweiler... (Rottweiler)
Dashhound... (Dachshund)
Bitchin' Frizzy... (Bichon Frise)
Lassie Dog... (Collie)
Borderline Collie... (Border Collie)
Smauzer... (Schnauzer)
Shitzoo... (Shih Tzu)
African Hound... (Afghan Hound)
Basket Hound... (Basset Hound)
Cracker Spaniel... (Cocker Spaniel)

Greta is yet to hear a child pronounce Bouvier Des Flandres.....


Greta is able to fly because of her generous white feather wings. She flies so smoothly that all the dogs and puppies aren't afraid to be in her care.


Her soothing songs comes from the wind chimes that hang down from her collar. It's a beautiful resin heart with a cameo center and other embellishments.


Greta's face is also a source of comfort for the dogs. She has wispy, soft real Llama hair from West Virginia. It flows all around her face. Her eyes are old buttons and her eyelids are halfway closed, as though she were singing a lullaby. Her nose is long and pinch-stitched, and her mouth is a red potpourri flower.


Her halo, as I've mentioned, is of golden leaves of glitter and it hangs over her head like a light, leading the way to wherever she goes.


As you can see, Greta is making a delivery tonight. She has a small twig basket in her right hand. She has a small dog that didn't make it.
It just couldn't hang on any longer, bless it's heart...and now she's taking it to a wonderful place.

Greta also carries a small amber glass vial around her neck.
For those who wish to keep a reminder with Greta, the glass vial can be filled with ashes or a few hairs, or perhaps little baby teeth of the loved's a lasting reminder that Greta took very good care of the special loves in her charge.


Greta is a beautiful symbol of the love and care that is given to dogs on their final journey to a better life. And whenever you walk by Greta and you hear the gentle tinkle of her wind chimes, you'll know she's doing her job and taking a scared little dog or puppy to the big Willow tree at the Rainbow await being reunited with their masters on another day.


Copyright July 3, 2003 and June 3, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

Special thanks to Brenda.


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