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Primitive Goth Allison Gothland Doll!




This is the only Allison Gothland I have made.


It started out like any other day for Allison...the screaming and fighting and slamming of the doors with her parents. She spent more time in her room than anywhere else, and why not, it was the only peace she knew.
Her parents hated that she wanted to dress more Goth, and they refused to allow her to wear anything black. This was the reason for their constant fighting.

Allison enjoyed curling up with her favorite books and favorite movies while all alone in her room. On this particular day she had been reading Alice In Wonderland, while also watching her favorite version of A Christmas Carol, the one with Allistair Sim from the year 1951.
It was such a dark, Gothic was creepy and spooky and it nearly gave Allison a chill every time she watched it.

The lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon lingered on and pretty soon Allison began to drift off to sleep. The bitter fight with her parents left her deeply disturbed and wishing she could escape into a land of make-believe....a place where she could feel more at home and be among those who wouldn't question her.
A place where her Goth fashions wouldn't be ridiculed and hated.
Besides....Scrooge lived in a wicked-cool old Gothic house and Alice, while in Wonderland, had incredible adventures and she saw fantastic sights.

Suddenly, Allison awoke to the sounds of something scurrying in her room. She looked under the bed and saw a little white rabbit. He had pink features and a nice black bow around his neck. The rabbit also carried a pocket watch that was attached to a chain. It was very large, in proportion to his body size.
Then he seemed to disappear into an empty shoebox.

Allison was intrigued. She climbed under her bed and found that she, too, could easily disappear into the empty shoebox.

She entered a mysterious dark room with doors and a table with a golden key upon it. She somehow knew that the key would be the way back to her home, should she ever decide to leave this place.
But, she can also use the key to unlock doors during her journey.

The world she entered was very was Gothland. There were rich wooden walls and cathedral ceilings with massive arches. There were torches along the walls for lighting her path, and all the doors were made of heavy wood with black hinges and handles.
The furniture was dark and very ornate with intricate wood carvings and beautiful tapestry cushions. Huge windows lined the hallways and the transoms are replete with Gothic stained glass.
This was, indeed, her dream world.

She entered a small door and saw yet another place she would love to visit. It's was a room full of beautiful black clothing.
However, she couldn't enter because she looked too ordinary. She was still considered 'peach people' in this strange dark land.

Allison saw a note on a large table telling her to drink the Gothic goblet of mint-flavored edible fake blood. She assumed this would allow her access to the special clothing room, and it DID.

She entered the wonderful room and chose a nice black and white cotton dress that had a checkered pattern to it, just like the black and white floor tile.
The outfit was divine.




It came with black pantaloons, a black slip, and a beautiful black pinafore. The pinafore had black satin ribbon closures that tied into bows in the back.
The dress itself had black hand-crocheted trim along the collar. It also had snap closures in the back, hemmed sleeves, and even the hem of the dress was hand-stitched.


The accessories she chose really complimented the outfit. She loved the feel of the black velvet fingerless gloves.



Next she chose a very nice pair of black lacy hose for her legs. She also picked out a pair of glossy Patent Leather Mary Jane shoes with tiny bows.

Everything she was wearing seemed to go so well with her long black straight human hair that had been hand-stitched to her head.

For jewelry Allison chose a nice pentagram / inverted cross charm. This was SURE to drive her parents nuts.
She couldn't help but to snicker at the thought.



Make up. She just had to wear some make up in order to complete her 'look'. She made her lips black, darkened her eyebrows, and made her blue eyes stand out with black eye shadow.
She was so Goth.
A black satin ribbon was then tied upon her head.

Just one more little detail would make the outfit complete....the little black velvet Goth purse with the golden chain and ceramic devil bead ornament. Perfect!
Allison promptly opened the purse and put the golden key inside, for safe keeping.
At last she stood tall in her new outfit. In fact, she stood about 27 inches tall.

The moment Allison was completely dressed in her best Goth-wear, she found herself in some woods. She met a black cat who warned her that everyone she meets there will be mad.

Of course, this is nothing new to her, everyone in her own house is quite mad, as well, so she's used to 'crazy'.
Not to mention the fact that finding a black cat that talked to her was a little less than normal.
However, he assured her he was Goth and she had no reason to not believe him.

As Allison walked in the woods of Gothland, she happened upon a tea party. The guests were very odd, as they were Scrooge, Marley, my younger sister Christy, a huge Gothic rabbit that was dressed as a vampire, a Christian, and four elves in drag.
But, they were all dressed Goth.
Allison rolled her eyes and shook her head. Great. What was the conversation going to be like with THESE folks?
They were drinking blueberry tea, eating banana and mayonnaise sandwiches, and discussing the advantages of being a vegetarian. They all appeared to be in agreement over the idea of being a vegetarian, but there were small arguments as to whether that made anyone a true Goth.

The big vampire rabbit suddenly snatched Scrooge's pocket watch. It was stuck on 1:00 and the rabbit began to insist that lunch should never end. A fight broke out between Scrooge and the big vampire rabbit over the pocket watch.
The watch went flying into the bushes during the scuffle and Scrooge and Marley left in a huff.
Allison searched the bushes, found the watch, and kept the watch for herself as a souvenir.
The rest of the guests were arguing as to whether or not Allison could be a true Goth girl....after all, she kept a livejournal online and they all KNEW what Gothic Miss Manners thought of livejournals.
There was much speculation over the entire matter.

Also, a few other inhabitants were called into question over their 'Gothism' because they had begun dressing like The Crow.
That is a HUGE faux pas in the Goth world, believe it or not.....just ask Gothic Miss Manners. She was like the Queen of Hearts in this place and she demands the beheading of anyone caught dressing like The Crow.

And speaking of the was right around that time when the Queen of Hearts was found on a huge computer monitor that Allison found behind a large tree. She was commanding Allison to play Badminton.
She said it was the Goth thing to do in Gothland.
Allison refused, as there were real live animals being used as the racquets and shuttlecocks.
How appalling!
Allison began to grow into a darker and more depressed mood. She was brooding and felt a strong urge to write poetry and stay up all night.

Just then, in a fit of jealousy over her dress, the floor tiles began to hurl themselves up at Allison. She knew she had to leave Gothland before something horrible happened to her.
Everyone in Gothland seemed to have a different idea of what Goth was, and for some reason, she fell short of everyone's definition.
She took the key from her purse and used it to open a door that was found on the back of a large black turtle.

It was in that moment that Allison woke up from Gothland. Amazingly, she was still wearing her new Goth clothing and still had the pocket watch, the white rabbit, and even her cool purse and key.
She began to reflect on what she had learned from her dream.....

To thine own self be Goth.


Copyright February 22, 2004 Cathy Palmer- Scruggs / Catt Alexander


A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the pentagram and inverted cross that I used on Allison's pinafore.

Also, a special thank you to Mal for your inspiration!


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