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Black One Eye Cat Shelf Sitter Primitive Doll



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The Pirate Cat One Eye Shelf Sitter!

Ahoy! Look who's sliding in just in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day!
His name is "Boo".


Boo stands about 12 inches tall...and he stands on handsome orange 'distressed and aged' wooden spools.


He's made of muslin, stuffed firmly, painted black, sanded, and then properly waxed and buffed to look like he was made of old leather. I love this technique so much. It's a lot of fun.

Even Boo's orange and black gingham checked Homespun collar has been waxed.

He has a wooden button eye and the other eye, well, I don't know what happened to it. But he's now a Pirate Cat. He's been thru most of his 9 lives and has lived to tell about it.


He goes on and on about how he's originally from ARRRRkansas and that he was once in ARRRRRgentina while as a spy for the CIA. (Cat Intelligence Agency)
Boo spent YEARS on a Pirate ship catching bilge rats. CIA on THAT ship meant little more than Cat In Action, so don't let 'em lie to you.

I tried talking him into wearing an eye patch, but he insisted that he wanted to look like he's had a harrrrrrrrd life.

Copyright September 18, 2010 Catt Alexander

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