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This Bony Halloween Witch is about 19 inches tall, give or take, from the top of her pointed Witch hat to the bottom of her black cotton dress.

This Witch wears, as I've said, a black cotton dress and a black hand-dyed cheesecloth shawl. She also wears black cotton pantaloons, for modesty.

And just look at her lovely heavy black felt Witch's hat. And tied in a knot around her Witch hat is a generous piece of hand-dyed black cheesecloth.

Her bony face tells her sad tale of death from long ago, bless her old heart. But her hair is still youthful. Must have been all that Panteen she used for so many years.

She wears a black hand-fashioned paper collar overtop her black cheesecloth shawl. And nestled beneath her bony chin hides a beautiful little golden 'witch's hand' necklace.
Once in a while you can catch a glimpse of her bony hand checking to make sure her pendant is nice and straight.

And more than likely, the only time you can see her bony feet is when you catch her in flight.
And as I mentioned earlier, she does wear black pantaloons. That's so you won't catch a glimpse of anything else while she's in flight.

Wouldn't you love to let this Bony Witch stay at your home? And like I said with the Bony Ballerinas, Halloween and Christmas is coming up fast....if you know someone who loves to collect Witches and other Halloween items, this would be a lovely gift to give her.

Copyright September 26, 2009 Catt Alexander



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