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Primitive Heart In Hand Make-Do!

I'm presenting a Make-Do Heart In Hand pincushion. It would look great in a nice display of Witch, Halloween, or Gothic items. 

The Heart In Hand pincushion measures about 17 inches tall from the base of the black wooden candlestick holder to the tip of the fingers. 


In the center of the hand is a red heart and inside of the heart is a rusty heart button. There are also some rusty safety pins and stick pins in the cushion. And, there's a small metal 'heart in hand' button that I've stitched into place, as well as a tiny rusty safety pin with a small white bead with a red heart.

The arm section has been tied with some 'aged' lace, adorned with dried flowers, and the 'sleeve' of the arm is made of vintage lace and vintage buttons.

I love this particular Heart In Hand and I feel it's the BEST one I ever made.


And with the Heart In Hand pincushion is a document stating the history of the Heart In Hand. Your copy will come rolled like a scroll and tied with black raffia. This is what the document says....

Heart In Hand

Written By: House Shadow Drake


Heart in hand is a saying that dates back to the earliest roots of Witchcraft. It is an open saying having many meanings and encompassing many ideologies. The saying can serve as a greeting, a blessing, or a farewell. In the Great Book of one family's tradition, it is written:

`Within ourselves we find the stability of the land, the wind of our breath, the fire of our spirit, and the waters of our soul. All of this is driven by the intent of our will and the blood-force of creation. Our hands are the tools that help bring our intent into being. Our hands should always be manifesting the intent of our hearts. For good or for not, your heart should always be fully encompassed in all that you do.'

When asked, "What is it that you have brought to bear in your hands for me?" the answer should be, "My heart." Or reversely, "Where is your heart?" the answer should be, "In my hands."

There's also a small 'aged' wooden tag that reads "Heart In Hand".

Copyright August 20, 2008 Catt Alexander

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