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The little chest of drawers, candle, lady statue, book, and timer are not included with the shoes. They are only used as props for the pictures.

Another old Witch died one day. As time went on she was sadly missed and there was a void in Gothville. Eventually the villagers decided it was time to clean out her old cottage.

Different people took different things for themselves and there were very few things left by the time ElizaLouWho HotGoth arrived. ElizaLouWho HotGoth was quiet and unassuming and content to dwell in her own world and stay to herself.

As the last of the villagers left the cottage, ElizaLouWho HotGoth entered and looked at the near-empty room. The curtains were gone, the blankets and beautiful black dresses and capes were gone, and even the Witch's familiars were gone.

This made ElizaLou Who HotGoth very sad, indeed.


Just as ElizaLouWho was about to leave, something caught the corner of her eye. Peeking out from under the bed were the Witch's well-worn shoes.
ElizaLouWho HotGoth was pleased and almost felt joy.

There was a black tag with a picture of a flying Witch. That made the shoes all the more special to ElizaLouWho.
But, before she could approach the shoes, a little gray mouse popped up from inside one of the shoes.
What a delightful surprise.

ElizaLouWho was certain it was a forgotten familiar. The mouse had apparently made it's home inside the shoes.
ElizaLouWho wasn't about to toss it out of his home.

The Witch's shoes were wonderful in the eyes of ElizaLouWho, mouse and all. She held them close to her chest and almost smiled.
And even though the shoes were way too big for her feet she still wanted to keep them in remembrance of The Witch.

She rushed home to show her treasures to her parents, but was met with a surprising statement from the GothFather.
He told ElizaLouWho that there was only one way she could keep the shoes.....then he made her an offer she couldn't refuse.....she had to prove that the Witch's shoes would serve a handy purpose in their home, or they'd be thrown away in the morning.

Apparently, the GothFather was tired of all the junk, linens, and leather scraps that ElizaLouWho would drag home from the graveyard, the Salvation Army, and various dumpsters and yardsales from Gothville.

There were too many things in the GothHouse. Items had to now prove their value in order to stay.

ElizaLouWho HotGoth was even more sad now. What was she going to do?
Normally she would have appreciated the added depression, but she REALLY wanted to keep those wicked-cool Witch shoes.
She would have to think of something fast...

That night, before staying up most of the night, writing dark poetry, weeping, cutting, and toying with new eye-lining techniques, ElizaLouWho HotGoth placed the Witch's shoes beside her bed in the same manner in which she found them at the cottage earlier that day.
She finally went to sleep, ultra sad.

Little did she know, another one of the Witch's familiars was still inside the shoes.
It was the Witch's spider, ArachnoGoth.
The Witch's spider heard the GothFather and his new house rule.
ArachnoGoth knew just what to do.


First of all, ArachnoGoth spun some spider webbing across the shoe openings and turned them into handy pincushions. That would make the shoes more functional.
The shoes were made of muslin, stuffed, painted black, and aged. They were beautiful.

ArachnoGoth decided to also attach a small strand of black buttons to the shoes, as well as a distressed wooden needle case.
Then she strung some tiny old wooden spools together and attached them to the back of one shoe, behind the mouse.

Then ArachnoGoth found some little black glass beads and stitched them in place down the front of the shoes. Next, the spider laced rusted wire through the beads.
The mouse merely watched.
By the time dawn arrived the shoes finally looked their best.

And as a final touch, ArachnoGoth bound the two shoes together with more rusted wire and then she came to rest on the side of one of the shoes and froze herself there.
She would never move again.
Her work here was done.

At 12 inches long and 6 inches tall, they were the most beautiful and functional wicked-cool pincushions in the house.
ElizaLouWho HotGoth could display her beautiful hat pins in the cushions, special belly button rings, straight pins, or her awesome collection of acupuncture needles.

Of course, at the moment, she was content to have her rusty safety pins and old buttons.
By the time ElizaLouWho HotGoth woke up, the Witch shoes were sitting next to her bed, just as she left them, only they had been completely transformed.

One day I'll have to tell you about the terrible scissor accident when the evil GothMother tried to take the Witch shoes pincushions for herself. It got nasty.


Copyright August 28, 2007 Catt Alexander


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